About - Chentronics

Experience and expertise.

Chentronics, LLC traces our beginnings to our inception in 1974 in Norwich, New York; when our first products consisted of spark-gap-tube based ignition systems. Since then we’ve been at the forefront of innovation, leading the industry into the age of modern, semiconductor based exciter modules and full-featured flame scanners. We remain committed to quality, innovation, solving complex ignition problems and creating value for our customers. 100% of our products are manufactured from our modern 50,000 square-foot design, test and manufacturing facility in Norwich, New York.

Innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

Chentronics offers un-surpassed direct, primary ignition expertise with a variety of fuels, ranging from gas to bunker-grade crude. Our High Energy Ignition (HEI) and flame detection technology systems are integral to equipment serving the power generation, utility, petrochemical, industrial, marine, and green environment industries. We deliver innovative ignition and flame-safety solutions for a variety of systems and applications including:

  • Gas turbines
  • Pilots/warm-up guns for utilities and large industrial applications
  • Flares
  • Marine and stationary boilers
  • Process and refinery heaters
  • Thermal oxidizers

A Koch Engineered Solutions company.

We’re proud to be a Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) company. Founded in 1945, KES has a long history of innovation. Today, KES companies employ more than 5,000 people worldwide to engineer, manufacture, install, and optimize processes and solutions for refiners, chemical companies, municipalities, and other diverse industries. Whether it’s in mass and heat transfer, combustion and emissions controls, separation and ion exchange, materials applications, automation or actuation — KES helps partners optimize performance and develop advantages in the marketplace. To learn more about KES or other KES companies, click here.