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Safeguarding Operations with Precision Ignition

Precision pilots serve as essential components for initiating combustion processes reliably and efficiently. Pilots are fundamental elements in ensuring the controlled ignition of fuels, particularly in applications such as boilers, furnaces, and flares. Their precise operation is crucial for maintaining safety standards, environmental compliance, and operational integrity across various industries, including refineries and petrochemical facilities.

What are

Pilots serve as the vital ignition source for the main combustion flame of burners or flares. These devices create a small flame using a minimal amount of fuel and an ignition device, subsequently igniting the main burner. Pilots operate across a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring the safe ignition and maintenance of process and production flare flames. They meticulously meter fuel, blend it with air, shape the flame, and sustain flame stability.

Specialization & Integration

We understand that every industrial setting is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. With Chentronics, expect seamless integration and specialized solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability in your operations. Trust us to deliver ignition solutions designed for industrial environments, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Types of Pilots

The range of pilots encompasses manual to fully automated systems, adaptable to various applications. Chentronics specializes in electric ignition pilots, suitable for both forced-draft and natural-draft scenarios. Our ignition solutions, such as the FastFlameā„¢ and IVN, meet rigorous standards for pilot ignition and flame detection, ensuring reliability across diverse environments. Moreover, older pilots can be upgraded and retrofitted with Chentronics’ SmartSpark exciter platform, enhancing their efficiency and performance while ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.