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You’ve invested heavily in combustion equipment and need it to perform reliably day in and day out. That performance—regardless of who manufactured your flares, burners, pilots, or gas turbines—starts with successful ignition. Chentronics solutions are proven reliable, effective, and cost-efficient at igniting and detecting flame worldwide … delivering peace of mind in even the toughest working environments.

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SOLUTION: The best way to maintain high ignition reliability is to know when ignition faults are going to occur so you can replace the igniter tip before that happens. Chentronics’ fully integrated igniter tip wear diagnostics allow you to do just that.

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SOLUTION: Chentronics specializes in direct, primary fuel combustion—whether the fuel is gas, light oil, diesel or residual fuel. Our experts leverage decades of ignition experience and an unsurpassed knowledge of ignition optimization to create reliable solutions. By developing innovative, proprietary designs and utilizing solid-state technology, we deliver unparalleled ignition reliability and repeatability so you can avoid the cost and hassle of building and maintaining a back-up starting fuel system.

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SOLUTION: Moisture can cause a failure to light both in the short- term and over the long-term. In the short-term, assuming the fuel is in a combustible state, Chentronics’ optimized spark energy delivery technology is unsurpassed in its ability to start in high-moisture conditions. If it can ignite, it will ignite with our High Energy systems.

Over the long term, high-moisture environments can cause the igniter tip, harness, and even the exciter to fail—especially with high tension-type ignition systems. Chentronics offers multiple sealing technologies that can be placed in the igniter tip and/or the harness/ cable. These seals keep moisture out and protect your system from damaging moisture ingress.

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SOLUTION: Chentronics offers both AC-powered and DC-powered exciter options for nearly any application. You’ll get reliable ignition even for hard-to-ignite primary and backup fuels.

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SOLUTION: Chentronics High Energy Ignition solutions are designed to provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions that can cut your costs while increasing ignition reliability and repeatability.

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FastFlame provides High Energy ignition and flame detection simultaneously. Our patented technology provides ignition and flame confirmation at the very first moment a flame becomes present.

Our High Energy Ignition System delivers unparalleled reliability and repeatability for all gas turbine applications including dual-fuel and on-demand (peaking) plants.

The new iScan®3 builds upon the proven performance of the iScan®2 flame scanner, adding several design improvements and benefits you’ll notice right out of the box.

IVN HE Pilot Ignition And Flame Detection System

Ideally suited for gas pilots, the IVN pilot ignition and flame detection system provides High Energy ignition and flame rod type flame detection in a single compact solution.

Motivator3™ Handheld High Energy Ignition System

The Motivator Hand-Held Igniter delivers reliable performance in a convenient, portable package.

SmartSpark High Energy Ignition System

World’s only fully-integrated, self-diagnostic tip wear, exciter igniter package. Applications include boiler burner and process burner.

SureSpark High Energy Exciter

Ultra-reliable ignition for huge range of fuels and conditions. Includes integrated tip wear diagnostics. Applications include boiler burner, process burner, flare, gas turbine and marine.