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Reliable and repeatable ignition.

Reliable and repeatable ignition is the lifeblood of combustion turbines, ensuring consistent performance and operational efficiency. In the intricate interplay of fuel, air, and ignition, precision is paramount. A dependable ignition system not only safeguards against unplanned downtime but also contributes to optimal fuel combustion, minimizing emissions and enhancing overall turbine performance.Ā 

Types of Combustion

Understanding the diverse landscape of combustion turbines is key to tailoring ignition solutions. From large frame turbines powering industrial facilities to aeroderivative turbines providing flexibility in various applications and microturbines offering decentralized power solutions, each type demands a nuanced approach to ignition technology.

Cost of Unplanned Maintenance

Unplanned maintenance exacts both direct and indirect costs on combustion turbine operators. Direct costs involve manpower, replacement parts, and additional fuel consumption, while indirect costs encompass contractual penalties and the impact on overall operational efficiency. Minimizing these costs through reliable ignition systems is essential for sustaining economic viability.Ā 

Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels

As the industry makes strides towards sustainability, embracing hydrogen and alternative fuels in combustion turbines becomes increasingly crucial. Chentronics stands at the forefront of this transition, actively testing and validating our ignition equipment to ensure seamless compatibility with these cleaner and more sustainable fuel sources. Our cutting-edge iScan3 plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reliability and performance of combustion turbines operating on hydrogen and alternative fuels.

Predictive Diagnostics for Combustion

Embracing the power of predictive diagnostics provides a proactive approach to turbine maintenance. By leveraging data-driven insights, operators can anticipate potential issues, optimize maintenance schedules, and prevent costly unplanned downtime.Ā Ā 

Chentronics' Proven Track Record

Chentronics has established itself as a reliable replacement for OEM parts, offering customized solutions that align with the evolving needs of combustion turbine operators. Our ignition systems adhere to current OEM specifications, providing a seamless integration that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Explore Associated Equipment

For more detailed information on the associated equipment for combustion turbines, explore our product pages tailored to meet the unique requirements of large frame turbines, aeroderivative turbines, microturbines, and our cutting-edge solutions for hydrogen and alternative fuels. Elevate your combustion turbine operations with Chentronics’ advanced ignition technology.Ā