IVN HE Pilot Ignition - Chentronics

IVN HE Pilot Ignition And Flame Detection System

The IVN pilot ignition and flame detection system provides high energy ignition and flame rod type flame detection in a single compact solution. The patented integration of the High Energy ignitor with a flame rod delivers reliable performance and simplifies installation and maintenance. The patented igniter improves ignition even in poor conditions and extends the life of the igniter. In addition, our exclusive indicator light ring communicates status easily at a distance, so you get the info you need quickly, clearly and without question.

At a glance.

  • Gas pilot ignition and flame detection system
  • Patented integrated high energy igniter and flame rod output provides simultaneous ignition and flame detection
  • Ring of light indicator quickly relays status at a glance
  • Electronic self-checking ensures fail-safe operation and compliance
  • 4-20mA flame signal strength output
  • Pre-set over/under-temperature protection levels
  • Rated for division 2 and zone 2 hazardous areas

Unique design, unbeatable performance.

The IVN system provides simultaneous ignition and flame detection. It only requires a single point of entry and a single probe both sparks and senses flame. The compact, integrated design simplifies installation and a quick disconnect allows for easier field wiring.Ā