Petrochemical - Chentronics

HEI systems proven for the petrochemical industry.

Chentronics’ well-earned reputation for durability and reliability was forged in the harsh environments of refineries and remote pipeline and exploration. Sites worldwide rely on Chentronics’ proven solutions with innovations like our fully integrated predictive diagnostics to ensure efficient operation with maximized uptime.

Refining: Chentronics is the preferred supplier of HEI equipment for many of the globes’ largest refineries.

Gas/Oil Pipeline and Exploration: Our HEI equipment’s diagnostic and relay capabilities are particularly strong suited for the remote nature of pipeline and exploration applications.

Flaring: Whether replacing an FFG’s ignition system or for direct HEI on top of the stack, Chentronics has reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Which ignition solution is right for you?

Contacting a Chentronics expert is the best way to determine which Chentronics solution and specific configuration will best fit your specific needs. But you can use the drop-down menu system below to get a general idea of which Chentronics products might be right for you.