Power Generation - Chentronics

HEI systems proven for power generation

Chentronics has decades of experience providing innovative High Energy Ignition systems for the power generation industry. Our HEI systems deliver unparalleled reliability and repeatability while our fully integrated predictive diagnostics alert you prior to an ignition fault occurring so you can replace the igniter tip before that happens.

Utility: Chentronics has HEI systems at many of the world’s largest power plant installations – base load, peak load, coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired.

Non-Utility: We provide HEI systems for critical, stand-alone, non-utility power generation sites.

Which ignition solution is right for you?

Contacting a Chentronics expert is the best way to determine which Chentronics solution and specific configuration will best fit your specific needs. But you can use the drop-down menu system below to get a general idea of which Chentronics products might be right for you.