Green Environment - Chentronics

HEI systems proven for the green environment industry.

Capturing emissions, destroying pollutants, and managing waste are all vital processes for cleaner operation and regulatory compliance. Ensuring reliable combustion to power these functions requires proven HEI solutions. For nearly a half-century, Chentronics has developed and delivered HEI innovation, tested true across thousands of installations worldwide, many in the green environment industry.

Landfill: Chentronics HEI equipment is used worldwide in energy recapture applications ā€“ especially those producing low-BTU gases.

Bio-mass Wood Waste: Chentronics has a stellar history of successful ignition of low volatile, minimally processed fuels such as wood and other above ground carbon-based fuels.

Flaring: Whether replacing an FFGā€™s ignition system or for direct HEI on top of the stack, Chentronics has reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Which ignition solution is right for you?

Contacting a Chentronics expert is the best way to determine which Chentronics solution and specific configuration will best fit your specific needs. But you can use the drop-down menu system below to get a general idea of which Chentronics products might be right for you.