Gas Turbine Ignition Systems - Chentronics

Gas Turbine Ignition Systems

Our High Energy Ignition System delivers unparalleled reliability and repeatability for all gas turbine applications including dual-fuel and on-demand (peaking) plants. In addition, it featuresĀ fully integrated predictive diagnosticsĀ that alert you prior to an ignition fault occurring so you can replace the igniter tipĀ beforeĀ that happens.Ā 

At a glance.

  • Built-in predictive life diagnostics
  • Unsurpassed fuel-type diversity
  • Sparks-per-second (SPS) optimized for different fuels
  • Pressure seal of igniter tips and cables
  • Hazardous area rating
  • Ā AC and DC input power options
  • ETL listed, complies with CE, UL, CSA, options for ATEX
  • Solid-state technology

More reliable performance than OEM igniters.

Whatever type of gas turbine you haveā€”from microturbines to large-frame utility turbinesā€”upgrading the performance and reliability of your ignition system is easy. Simply replace the OEM ignition system with a High Energy Ignition (HEI) System from Chentronics. With a Chentronics HEI System, you can avoid missed starts and costly downtime.

Dual-fuel reliability.

Chentronics HEI Systems have been proven in thousands of gas turbines worldwideā€”many of them dual-fuel. This extensive field experience, coupled with years of ignition research and development, offers us a unique insight into the challenges of lighting multiple fuel types. As a result, our HEI Systems are calibrated to the exact number of sparks-per-second required for dual-fuel lighting, so you get reliable ignition without having to change a single setting.