Motivator3™ - Chentronics

The Motivator3™ Hand-held High Energy Igniter

Ignition with the Motivator is easy. No storage of volatile fuels for light-off, no exposure to open flames, and no concerns about imprecise light-offs. Our experts have packed more than 40 years of ignition experience and unsurpassed knowledge of ignition optimization into a tool that’s as convenient and easy to use as an electric drill. The familiar look and feel ensures ease of operation and increases operator efficiency, while the innovative technology inside delivers unbeatable reliability and performance.

At a glance.

  • Primary application: Ignition of gas-fired burners
  • Convenient portability, ultra-rugged construction
  • Easy-to-use, familiar “hand-held drill” design
  • Tailored for Gas Fuel Light-off
  • Maximum temperature for igniter tip: 1,200°F (649°C)
  • LED indicator for battery and igniter tip wear
  • Safety switch enabled

Everything you need, standard.

The standard kit includes a Motivator hand-held exciter, a rechargeable 20V battery pack, a portable charging station with a full-charge indicator, a test igniter tip and a durable carrying case with a custom-fitted foam insert.