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Process Combustion

Our commitment to innovation extends across a diverse range of process combustion equipment designed to meet the unique needs of industries ranging from heating and boiler applications to waste incineration. Explore the following types of process combustion equipment tailored to deliver optimal performance in various industrial settings:Ā 


Round burners, optimized for boiler applications, feature a streamlined design that efficiently generates a compact flame. Coupled with Chentronics’Ā  SmartSpark igniton system, these burners ensure precise and reliable ignition, enhancing overall combustion performance.

Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces play a critical role in various manufacturing processes, requiring precise ignition for optimal performance. With Chentronics’Ā  SmartSparkĀ ignition system, industrial furnaces benefit from reliable and efficient ignition, ensuring consistent operation and enhanced productivity.


Duct burners, engineered as ribbon-type burners spanning large exhaust ducts, utilize turbine exhaust gas (TEG) as their oxidizer source. Integrated with Chentronics’Ā  iScan3 flame scanner, operators achieve precise control and monitoring, ensuring optimal combustion efficiency and safety in industrial processes.

Vapor Combustion Units

Controlling vapors released during the handling of hydrocarbon liquids, vapor combustion units/systems (VCUs) play a crucial role in destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs).Ā 

Process Heater

Process heater burners, vital for distillation furnaces, reformers, and oil heaters, rely on precise fuel and air introduction. With Chentronics’Ā SureSpark ignition system, enjoy reliable ignition for optimal combustion in various industrial applications.

Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidizers are vital systems for effectively incinerating a wide range of industrial wastes, ensuring environmental compliance and safety. With Chentronics’ iScan3 flame scanner integrated into thermal oxidizers, operators gain precise monitoring capabilities, enhancing safety and efficiency in waste disposal processes.

Predictive Diagnostics

As igniters age, they naturally undergo material and performance deterioration, making them consumable components. With Chentronics’ predictive diagnostics, users can monitor igniter health and anticipate end-of-life stages before ignition performance is compromised. By harnessing advanced analytics, our systems proactively identify potential issues, optimize maintenance schedules, and prevent costly operational disruptions. Our steadfast commitment to predictive diagnostics ensures that your ignition equipment operates at peak efficiency, providing you with peace of mind.