Marine - Chentronics

HEI systems proven for marine.

Few environments on Earth are more demanding than salt water. Working near or on the ocean requires a level of quality and durability far above the status quo. At Chentronics, our in-house design and manufacturing allows us to tightly control quality, so our solutions meet our high expectations. The results are innovative HEI systems that excel in harsh environments and deliver superior reliability and repeatability day in and day out.

Shipboard Electrical Generation or Propulsion: Our residual fuel HEI systems are ideal for marine applications, whether firing a diesel generator or steam boiler.

Flaring: Whether replacing an FFGā€™s ignition system or for direct HEI on top of the stack, Chentronics has reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Which ignition solution is right for you?

Contacting a Chentronics expert is the best way to determine which Chentronics solution and specific configuration will best fit your specific needs. But you can use the drop-down menu system below to get a general idea of which Chentronics products might be right for you.