FastFlame™ - Chentronics

FastFlame™ Integrated High Energy Ignition Exciter and Flame Safety System

The FastFlame system provides High Energy Ignition and flame detection simultaneously. Our patented, fully integrated, state-of-the-art technology provides ignition and flame confirmation at the very first moment a flame becomes
present. All from one system.

At a glance.

  •  Simultaneous High Energy Ignition and flame detection
  • Accurate, rapid flame confirmation
  • Real-time results
  • Configure as a separate igniter and flame rod detector or
    an integrated igniter/flame rod detector

Accurate results, half the wait time.

The FastFlame system can shorten your flame-proving window to half the time. Older systems are asynchronous and can only perform one operation at a time—ignition and flame assurance aren’t simultaneous. If the igniter fails to light the fuel, you have to wait for the flame detector to cycle and indicate “no flame,” then start the entire process over again. With the FastFlame system, a single set of fully-integrated, compact electronic hardware implements ignition and flame detection in parallel. The instant you have confirmed flame is the same instant flame becomes present. With no waiting for each process to cycle, critical seconds are saved.