Industrial - Chentronics

HEI systems proven for industry.

The world’s industrial giants rely on combustion equipment to heat vital processes, destroy pollutants, and manage waste. At the core of each of these pieces of equipment is flame. As a result, reliable ignition and detection is vital to the successful operation of the entire facility, regardless of the final product.

Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing: As with all process combustion, Chentronics HEI systems are reliable whether they start once an hour, once a day, once a month, or once a year.

Flaring: Whether replacing an FFG’s ignition system or for direct HEI on top of the stack, Chentronics has reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Which ignition solution is right for you?

Contacting a Chentronics expert is the best way to determine which Chentronics solution and specific configuration will best fit your specific needs. But you can use the drop-down menu system below to get a general idea of which Chentronics products might be right for you.